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Traditional Formal Afghan Dresses

Hijabs and More

Embroidered Shirts

Military and Police Supplies


Payraan Tumbaans (Salwar Kameez)

Belly Dancing Clothes and Jewelry

Classic Arabian Shora

Afghan and Arab Scarves

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What's new?
February 9, 2016: Traditional Moroccan men's oufits, Kuchi tribal dress, more women's prayer outfits, and dishadashas have been added.
February 4, 2016: Dishadasha, and embroidery designs for tribal Afghan dresses or shirts have been added.
January 24, 2016: More beautiful new dresses for little girls added.
January 17, 2016: Beautiful new dresses for little girls, shemagh Arab scarves, dagger key chains, and more embroidery for dresses have been added.
January 4, 2016: Black wool hat, shemagh Arab scarves, evil-eye bracelet, and embroidery for shirts and dresses have been added.
December 31, 2015: Persian lamb ambassador hat, shemagh Arab scarves, and more evil-eye items (key chain and bracelets) have been added.
December 30, 2015: 3-piece Arab head set, and another mink fur hat have been added.
December 24, 2015: More fur hats (mink & chinchilla), fancy Afghan dresses, and Yemeni dagger key chains have been added.
December 21, 2015: Portable pocket prayer rugs, fur hats (fox & sheep), and another Afghanistan related patch have been added.
December 16, 2015: Beautiful green formal Afghan dress, Yemeni dagger pin, camel crossing sign, and more Arab couple salt & pepper shakers have been added.
December 16, 2015: Beautiful green formal Afghan dress, Yemeni dagger pin, camel crossing sign, and more Arab couple salt & pepper shakers have been added.
December 15, 2015: Another beautiful formal Afghan dress, and more anklets (pai zeb) have been added.
November 20, 2015: Three new beautiful formal Afghan dresses, and more anklets (pai zeb) have been added.
November 13, 2015: Allahu Akbar wall decor, hijab caps (under scarves), more Iranian style chador designs, and another Afghan headpiece have been added.
November 6, 2015: Kalasha tribal outfit, two beautiful headpieces, and another Yemeni dagger have been added.
October 28, 2015: Pre-wrapped turban, Afghan style embroided waistcoat, and an Uzbeki fur hat have been added.
October 18, 2015: Two embroidered perahan tunbaan designs, Kabuli style embroided waistcoat, and dishadasha (thobe) for boys have been added.
October 16, 2015: Dark brown suede wool leather jacket, Kunduz style embroided waistcoat, and another evil eye wall decoration have been added.
October 13, 2015: Two women's perahan tunbaan designs (Noor Jahan & Xena), women's embroidered shirt, vintage Kuchi dress, and tribal Kuchi Afghan earrings have been added.
October 6, 2015: More anklets, camel souvenirs, and three Afghan dresses for little girls have been added.
September 25, 2015: More tribal anklets with bells, Afghanistan related patch, and a lapis lazuli headpiece have been added.
September 18, 2015: Embroidered waistcoat, belly dancing finger cymbals, and another evil eye wall decoration have been added.
September 10, 2015: Two new Afghan style vests have been added.
September 2, 2015: Tribal anklets with bells, belly dancing belt, and another evil eye wall decoration (camel themed) have been added.
August 26, 2015: Two more dresses for girls, Afghanistan commando patch, and a miniature Quran have been added.
August 21, 2015: Sheep skin booties, sheep hats, and leather socks have been added.
August 16, 2015: People's Army of Kurdistan patch, Afghan little girls dress, and a Yemeni dagger have been added.
August 3, 2015: New Afghanistan-related emblems and patches, and Quran wall decor have been added.

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